My life.. Both inside and outside of school.

Life Inside of School
    Through my work at Foothill college there are two valuable messages I have obtained, that would be significant to my life, whether it be related to school, future jobs or personal life. The first being, never underestimate time, as the more you overestimate, the less time you have. Even if you have a week or a month to finish project, you should finish it as soon as possible as things always go wrong at the last minute. Second being, effective communication. This was important especially when working in groups who had different idea’s towards a project based on one’s own schema. Due to this positive learning experience, I have learned, that it not only takes skill and education to achieve dreams, but willpower in the interest of getting a step closer to the end goal.

Life Outside of School
There are many things I enjoy doing on my free time, but only few are worth mentioning as they have a huge impact on my life; Hiking, camping, mountain biking, photography and reading.

While I don’t own the top of the line goods from REI, I enjoy going out and breathing some fresh air after the last class on Friday afternoons. It just feels so refreshing.

While I admit, I don’t do this often enough, It’s one of the greatest feelings sleeping underneath the stars even if you aren’t prepared for harsh winter conditions.

Mountain Biking:
Nothing feels better than conquering a tough trail that you’ve been working on for months. The adrenaline pumping through you at 180+ beats per minute. Air gushing past you. Inches away from the cliffs edge. You feel so alive.

Photography with a purpose is boring, unless you walk around aimlessly in unknown territory, and let the lens guide you, even if you get lost.

It’s always interesting to read upon others successes, and learn from them. The last book I read that I found fascinating was Malcom Gladwell’s, Outliers. While doing these activities, I often find myself trying to find a song with a tempo to match. When the tempo is just right, only then do I escape our extremely fast paced society. I personally find it therapeutic, and feel ready to push on through any given task after words.


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