Who am I?

Well.. I guess you could say I’m your typical college student who goes to school, studies, sleeps, and repeats this on a daily basis. But while I may fit into this pool, I am different. Why is that? Well…. Unlike many of my friends who get in college knowing exactly what they have wanted to do for their major and career, I’ve been the only one who hasn’t had a clue what i’ve wanted to do until now. I started off wanting to do business, but after taking a stats class. I thought it was, not challenging enough, and just flat out boring. My passion for computers made me switch over to computer science. I loved coding, but my first experience with the instructor made me absolutely dread coding. I then went into an assortment of classes, pertaining to the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering. I’ve switched majors back and forth several times. After having no clue what I wanted to do, summer came up faster than expected. During this break, I was able to grab my computer, and just code for fun. I built some projects. Learned some new things, and knew THIS was exactly what I wanted to do. Not sit at home all day, but build something that could revolutionize the world.


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