Testing the Invidia Q300 vs SPT Exhaust

The Story

After waiting many months leaving a craigslist post, for a Subaru SPT exhaust for my 2013 WRX, I got lucky as one of my friends was selling theirs. So I immediately picked it up even though it wasn’t that convenient for me. While I had the post on craigslist, someone had contacted me if I was interested in buying their used Invidia Q300 as they recently sold their Subaru. At the time, I didn’t want it, as I was set on the SPT, and explained that to him. However, after about a month of owning the SPT exhaust, the same person contact me and asked if I was interested in their exhaust and gave me a deal I couldn’t pass. Now normally, the Q300 goes for around ~$600 used, and this guy decided to sell it to me for $300, on the condition that I picked it up soon. So I made some changes in my schedule and made my way to pick up the Q300 from him, on a Wednesday night.

Once the weekend came in, I decided to install this exhaust by myself. Before removing the SPT, I decided to make a youtube video, comparing the SPT and Q300 exhausts.



The Q300 was harder to install due to the fact that it was a 3 piece exhaust vs the SPT, which was just a 2 piece exhaust. Nonetheless, it was straightforward and easy.  Although, an extra set of hands would’ve made the install much easier.


The Q300 is quieter in some sense, as the high and mid tones are less noticeable. With that said, the Q300 has a much lower tone, which makes it louder in some sense. Personally, I love the Q300’s sound due to it’s very deep, yet aggressive sound qualities. Drone is notable, but not crazy.




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